Nigeria: Mr. President, while you consider your ministers’ list…

7 Jul

Olusegun Ogundeji –  If it is in your power sir, to keep Dr Omobola Johnson in her position as the current information and technology minister, please retain her. She might not be the best in the field but she has proven that she understands the ICT trade and she could do what is expected of her. Continue reading

Al-Bashir: AU still in the edge

16 Jun

“This is a sad day for South Africa and a blow to the rule of law,” says Anton du Plessis, Institute of Security Studies ISS managing director. “Until now, the country has been a champion of international justice and has done more than most in Africa to make sure victims get justice.” I read the comment with great delight. It came in the wake of the news that Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, who arrived in South Africa on 13 June to attend the African Union (AU) summit in Johannesburg, has left the country, not arrested. Continue reading

Leaving Loneliness – A Poem

16 Jun

Dread loneliness

It kills

Right from the inside Continue reading

SIPRI Yearbook 2015 provides new data on world nuclear forces, peace operations

15 Jun

A new SIPRI Yearbook is out now. In this edition, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute highlights key findings: (1) all the nuclear weapon-possessing states are working to develop new nuclear weapon systems and/or upgrade their existing ones; and (2) the number of personnel deployed with peace operations worldwide continues to fall while the number of peace operations increases. Continue reading

Gambia expels EU Charge d’Affairs

6 Jun

According to a News Agency of Nigeria report, The Gambian presidency has announced its government has expelled the European Union Charge d’Affairs in Banjul, Agnes Gilliard, on Friday. Continue reading

ISS FEATURES: South Africa joins the EU in the dogbox for abusing illegal African migrants

30 Apr

The European Union (EU) has been widely condemned for its neglect of the growing number of people trying to cross the Mediterranean from Africa, mostly in unseaworthy boats, to seek refuge in Europe. Nearly 25 000 have arrived illegally in Italy alone this year. Although that is not much greater than the number who arrived during the same period last year, the death toll had rocketed from under 100 to the end of April 2014, to about 1 000 so far this year. Continue reading

Xenophobia: Nigeria vs South Africa

24 Apr

In one of his essays, Emmy Godwin Irobi likened Nigeria and South Africa to the Biblical Aaron and Moses, who were endowed with the responsibility to bring Africa out from the bondage of despair, decline and underdevelopment. He noted that history has imposed “the enormous task of finding solutions to some of the most pressing African concerns” on the two regional powers.

To say it my way: South Africa is losing its grip on the continent which is not good enough. Not economically or in Continue reading

Military spending increases in Africa, eastern Europe, Middle East, and Asia says SIPRI

14 Apr

SIPRI – World military expenditure totalled $1.8 trillion in 2014, a fall of 0.4 per cent in real terms since 2013, according to figures released by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) in its comprehensive annual update of the SIPRI Military Expenditure Database. Continue reading

If only Maxwell Khobe could live, again

12 Apr

I’m sure you’ll agree with me that being brave in a chosen career is way better than serving as an elected public office holder who courts attention, be it unconsciously, and unmerited accolades for achieving a tiny fraction of the set goals needed by a constituency. Continue reading

African survey on counterfeit electrical products is a call to action

2 Apr
Olusegun Abolaji Ogundeji – The first survey on counterfeit electrical products ever done in Africa has been conducted by Schneider Electric to determine the extent of the problem and highlight actions to mitigate its spread across the continent.
“We knew that counterfeiting in Africa had a huge impact on the market both in terms of safety and on the economy,” said Schneider Electric Anti-Counterfeiting Global Manager Tracy Garner, via email. “But how much are we talking about exactly, what are we dealing with precisely? There was no clear information. And it is difficult for any stakeholders in the electrical market, including Schneider Electric, to set up concrete actions when you don’t know what you are fighting against or how much you could gain from it.”

Continue reading


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