African Caucus President wants combat of illicit financial flows in Africa

1 Sep

The President of the African Group and Minister of Finance of Angola, Armando Manuel, has reiterated the need to combat the illicit flow of funds across the continent, saying such could be used for developmental purposes.   Continue reading

Invitation: Atlanta, GA World Bank Sierra Leone Diaspora Investment and Trade Study Results

1 Sep

On September 5th, 2015 the World Bank Sierra Leone Diaspora Investment and Trade Study will kick off its global survey results tour in London.  The tour will also extend to Washington DC (September 10th), Toronto (September 12th) and Atlanta (September 19th).  Continue reading

African Union organises first meeting of Specialized Technical Committee on Communication and ICT (STC-CCICT)

31 Aug

Organized by the Directorate of Information and Communication and the Department of Infrastructure and Energy of the African Union Commission, the STC-CCICT holds between 31st August and 4th September 2015. Continue reading

War, Politics and Justice in West Africa by Lansana Gberie (SLWS 2015): An appreciation

31 Aug

By Peter Penfold – Before trying to resolve a conflict, one must first try to understand it. One must investigate its origins, study the context and background in which the conflict is taking place, and get into the mind-set of the individuals involved. If one adopts this approach, one soon realises that no two conflicts are the same and therefore there is no one blue-print for resolving every conflict. This may all sound blindingly obvious but sadly and all-too-often, attempts are made to resolve conflicts without following these simple rules, especially by outsiders who are not directly involved. Continue reading

ITU launches Big Data Project in Sierra Leone

28 Aug

Olusegun Ogundeji – As part of the Regional Ministerial Consultative Meeting on Ebola: Leveraging Information and Communication Technology to Save Lives, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has launched its Big Data Project in Sierra Leone. Continue reading

Radio station burned down in Burkina Faso

27 Aug

In the run-up to elections scheduled in October, an arson attack has been reported on the independent Radio Manegmoogo in Burkina Faso on Monday. Continue reading

Sierra Leone begins 42-day countdown

26 Aug

Sierra Leone has began its countdown to be declared by the World Health Organization as free of Ebola virus transmission as President Ernest Koroma described the release of the last patient treated for the disease at a treatment centre as “the beginning of the end of Ebola.” Continue reading

Business booms for African sites dedicated to used goods

18 Aug

Continue reading

Fiber-optic cable updates to improve Europe-Africa links

13 Aug

By Olusegun Abolaji Ogundeji (IDG News Service\Lusaka) – Recent improvements to fiber-optic cables linking Africa with Europe should have a positive impact on Internet access and the quality of service offered by telcos connected to them.  Continue reading

CPJ calls on The Gambia to free journalist

11 Aug

The Committee to Protect Journalists has written a letter to Gambian President Yahya Jammeh to express its concern about a journalist who has been held by the National Intelligence Agency since July 17. Alagie Abdoulie Ceesay, manager of the independent radio station Taranga FM, was charged with “seditious intention” and refused bail. Continue reading

PMB: Bring back Omobola Johnson?

10 Aug

… she could have done better, especially in taming the telcos, which have been trampling on everyone’s rights so as not to reduce cost for the benefit of final consumers but I think she can fix it. In fact, if she is to handle just that aspect for the next four years, it would be worth it. We all know that the Nigerian telecom service providers could be made to offer more to consumers. We all know they can do better.

UK to help Ghana fight tax evasion to raise revenues

7 Aug

The UK will help Ghana clamp down on tax avoidance and evasion by sharing expertise so the country can raise revenues and build stronger public services, International Development Secretary Justine Greening and Financial Secretary David Gauke MP has said.  Continue reading

Building state capacity to implement the Arms Trade Treaty

5 Aug

This course will train government officials from Francophone African states who have signed the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) on how to implement its provisions effectively. The goal of the course is to contribute to fulfilling the two main objectives of the ATT: Continue reading

Développement des capacités pour une mise en œuvre efficace du Traité sur le Commerce des Armes

5 Aug

Ce cours de formation est destiné aux décideurs gouvernementaux dans le domaine de la réglementation du commerce des armes classiques, aux conseillers juridiques actifs dans ce domaine ainsi qu’au personnel des administrations gouvernementales délivrant des licences de commerce des armes classiques. Continue reading

ICC: Côte d’Ivoire Case Highlights Court’s Missteps

4 Aug

(The Hague, August 4, 2015) – The International Criminal Court (ICC) missed important opportunities to maximize the impact of its work in Côte d’Ivoire, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. The report offers wider lessons for the ICC’s work around the world, finding that to maximize the impact of its work, court officials need to engage a broader set of victims and local communities. Continue reading

Niger’s National Day: Press Statement US Secretary of State

3 Aug


On behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States, I congratulate the people of Niger as you celebrate the 55th anniversary of your independence on August 3. Continue reading

Apply for NEPAD’s fully-funded course Internet Governance in Africa

2 Aug

Diplo and the NEPAD Agency invite applications for the 11-week long online training course Internet Governance in Africa – An Introduction, which starts on 14 September 2015. The course covers fundamental aspects of Internet governance and Internet policy including: Continue reading

African innovators sought for 2016 awards

2 Aug

African ground breaker who can innovate for positive change and be part of the growing innovation movement in Africa to boost the “Made in Africa” brand are invited to participate in the Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA) 2016 competition. Continue reading

Nigeria: Mr. President, while you consider your ministers’ list…

7 Jul

Olusegun Ogundeji –  If it is in your power sir, to keep Dr Omobola Johnson in her position as the current information and technology minister, please retain her. She might not be the best in the field but she has proven that she understands the ICT trade and she could do what is expected of her. Continue reading

Al-Bashir: AU still in the edge

16 Jun

“This is a sad day for South Africa and a blow to the rule of law,” says Anton du Plessis, Institute of Security Studies ISS managing director. “Until now, the country has been a champion of international justice and has done more than most in Africa to make sure victims get justice.” I read the comment with great delight. It came in the wake of the news that Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, who arrived in South Africa on 13 June to attend the African Union (AU) summit in Johannesburg, has left the country, not arrested. Continue reading


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