How Arik’s Monopoly Turns My 4-Hour Journey Into 5 Days!

12 Jun

For some of us in Freetown Sierra Leone, having two or more airlines plying the route from Nigeria seems to be a mirage. According to my findings, it once happened between ADC  and Slok Air but it was short-lived. Then it was Bellview’s turn to reign. Now that Bellview is out of the picture, it is Arik’s. But if you ask many Nigerians in Sierra Leone of their views today, they will tell you that such a monopoly has never favoured them as the ‘ruling’ airline tends to take whatever chances are available. I had my own bitter experience last week. In fact, I would have conjured another airline to transport me to Sierra Leone if it had been possible. I just prayed for Birgin Nigeria to complete its ‘test transmission’ and ‘zoom’ into operations as soon as possible.

It happened on May 30, a day after my wedding. I was scheduled to join the returning flight to Freetown by 8am. Few days before my wedding, I tried Arik’s given phone number on my e-ticket several times for confirmation but there was no luck. Nobody picked my call. It was puzzling because the phone number was as good as not being printed on the

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