Spot the location…

1 Nov

bamako (1)

Bamako by Faladie SEMAWhere were these pictures taken in West Africa? I like your guess. Keep trying. It shouldn’t be hard to spot the location if you have been there. Or read or even heard a story about it. I do tell myself, as a matter of fact, that as I have been to several parts of the region (towns/cities), many of my peers will never dream of visiting or will never have a reason to do so in their lifetime.

Many West Africans don’t have the urge to visit even their neighbouring countries. Our thinking hasn’t been programmed in such a direction. Hence we have a dreadful disease that has eaten deep into our beings but we cannot tackle it head on as a community. What is befalling the region today shouldn’t be a surprise. It all started with the fact that we don’t know each other… and those at the forefront didn’t do much to help the situation. Exchange programmes at cultural and academic levels are almost non-existent. Volunteerism is not a promoted concept from Dakar to Abuja. Every effort has a price tag attached to it.

West Africans, and to a larger extent Africans, tend to relate better when they are in a different region. This, you may know, is not because they ‘like’ one another going by the true meaning of the word but as a form of solidarity to support one another for their common cause for survival.

I know you have been to Abidjan. Abuja. Accra. Dakar. If there is any lesson we need to learn with the emergence of the Ebola Virus Disease, it is to remind every West African that there are 15 countries in the region.

Oh! By the way, the pictures were taken in the lovely city of Bamako. I thought you’d been there once.

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