Sierra Leone: Accusing Canada of discrimination could be a first step to a right attitude to defeat Ebola

3 Nov

I just saw a news piece from Aljazeera in which Theo Nicol, Sierra Leone‘s deputy information minister on Saturday, reportedly accused Canada of discrimination over its decision to suspend visa applications for residents of Ebola-hit nations. Interesting. Thank God for his guts to have said that. At least, someone from the top needs to seal the ‘I’m not a virus’ campaign instituted by ordinary Sierra Leoneans who have refused to be dampened by the scourge of the Ebola Virus Disease. Such a move will not only do the government good but will boost the morale of the people to have a right attitude to the disease and its mysteries. A right attitude will go a long way to win the war.

“The government views the decision as discriminatory, coming at a time when we are trying to ease the isolation, and not re enforce it,” Nicol was quoted to have said. I agree. I’ll just advise that the easing process should be aggressively launched, foremost, in West Africa.

It is true that Mr. Nicol, or whoever cares to take up the role, needs to look further, but not as farther to Ottawa because I haven’t seen a piece reporting him or anyone from his government condemn other West African states which have done practically the same in context though not announced openly as Canada did. Let’s start the condemnation from home, it will resonate better than expecting an outsider to come and put your house in order. And if your house cannot be re-ordered, depending on how you see the situation unfolding presently, say it. Don’t score a cheap political goal by attacking a mild opponent.

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