Ebola: Liberia deploys team to Sierra Leone

12 Jan

According to reports from the Liberian news agency, a 20-member Ebola team has been deployed from the country to neighbouring Sierra Leone, a move described by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as “wonderful and good news that must be celebrated.”

The team is drawn from Montserrado County District # 13 Rep Saah Joseph’s First Responders Emergency Medical Services Incorporated.
President Sirleaf recalled that Joseph was one of the first responders on the Ebola frontline in Liberia. “You were one of the first on the Ebola frontline and faced the virus when a lot of people did not know the disease well and were afraid and confused,” she said. “You and your team braved the storm when doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers as well as our citizens were dying in their numbers; you are a true servant and hero of our country.”
She thanked Joseph for his commitment to help eradicate the Ebola virus not just from Liberia, but the entire West Africa  and expressed government’s admiration and appreciation for the work of the First Responders.
She promised government’s support to the team and indicated that Liberia has already deployed a mobile testing lab to Sierra Leone and will send additional healthcare workers from the African Union team currently in Liberia.
President Sirleaf recognized Liberia’s success in the Ebola fight but warned that the country should not be complacent.
“We must all continue to follow the preventative measures and other rules that have impacted our success against the deadly Ebola virus,” she urged.
Joseph informed President Sirleaf that the team will basically facilitate the timely transport of sick persons to testing and treatment facilities in Sierra Leone and will not be involved with work activities at Ebola Treatment Units.
“The First Responders Emergency Medical Services Incorporated is happy and proud to be able to help our brothers and sisters on the other side on behalf of our country and people,” Joseph said and praise team members for their sacrifice and commitment to serving humanity even with the risk involved. “You have served Liberia well and now prepared to do the same for your brothers and sisters in Sierra Leone in a show of great solidarity and I remain proud of you all,” he noted.

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