An ECOWAS military force to fight Boko Haram?

16 Jan

President-John-Mahama (Pic by GhanaLive)

Could it be that the incomparable reactions that sprung following the Charlie Hebdo killings that has forced West African leaders to table an idea to create a military force to fight Nigeria‘s Boko Haram Islamist militants?

Or, perhaps, the Nigerian president, Goodluck Jonathan, has humbly admitted to his colleagues (in their usual pattern) that his administration needs help as it cannot handle the insurgency singlehandedly.

And as someone once wrote about the Nigerian isolation by all other African countries, could it be that other states are just waking up to the realization that Nigerians have been dying in a ‘suffering and smiling’ situation?

I wait to see what will come out of the regional summit as they discuss the issue. If you ask me where my bet is, I’ll stake all my chips on a no-resolution i.e. that the move will not be passed. I wish Ghana‘s President John Mahama will prove me wrong as the ECOWAS chair.

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