Invitation: Atlanta, GA World Bank Sierra Leone Diaspora Investment and Trade Study Results

1 Sep

On September 5th, 2015 the World Bank Sierra Leone Diaspora Investment and Trade Study will kick off its global survey results tour in London.  The tour will also extend to Washington DC (September 10th), Toronto (September 12th) and Atlanta (September 19th). 

You are cordially invited to attend this event in Washington, DC where Dr. Liesl Riddle will give a presentation on the key survey results of over 600 Sierra Leone diasporans on their views on the challenges and opportunities to investing in Sierra Leone post-Ebola.   

Participants will be able to engage in a robust discussion about some of the key areas of interest for investment as revealed in the survey results.  Furthermore, there will be other information to be shared with you at the event. 

Please see the eventbrite below for more details about this Atlanta, GA event.

If you plan to attend please RSVP to facilitate an accurate headcount for our preparations.  Updated information and any changes will be listed on this eventbrite and shared with participants who RSVP.  

This is an open event so please feel free to share the details with your networks. 


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