When some people shoot human beings to protect animals

9 Nov

Olusegun Ogundeji – Today at the premiere of Unfair Game: The Politics Of Poaching, a 37-minute documentary shot partly in Swaziland, US, and Zambia, I see how some Africans punctured their societal development drive with greed.f_unfair The synopsis is not new: An American couple visits a part of Zambia, led the people closer to wildlife areas to devise alternative means of livelihood to dissuade them from risky dependence on the meagre reward they get as poachers’ men, partnered with a local, Hammer Singima, to engage in community development projects, and see to the protection of non-domesticated animal species.
What is somewhat new about the documentary, however, is the initiative Mr and Mrs Owen introduced that after twenty years empowered over 35,000 people across 65 villages with the help of Hammer and the increasing population of the wildlife as a result of the reduced rate of poaching. There wasn’t any recorded involvement of the government.
The couple were barred from returning to the country by the powerful poachers’ to see how what they had started had become – a wish Mr Owen hopes he could fulfill before he dies.
On the other hand, two activists in Swaziland seek justice for people affected by game reserve owners who reportedly abuse the country’s Game Laws to threaten, torture and even kill fellow countrymen – some on suspicion of poaching – all in the name of protecting their animals.
Directed and produced by John Antonelli, the documentary explores how wildlife takes priority over indigenous people’s land rights, human rights, and their survival. It is showing at 22nd FICMA 2015.


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