West Africa edges towards harmonised roaming services

1 Jun

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), West African Telecommunication Regulations (WATRA) and Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) are actively pursuing plans to eventually establish free roaming services. Continue reading

IMF Magazine Examines Present and Future of Bitcoin

31 May

In its quarterly, the IMF examines how Bitcoin and its blockchain technology may end up helping banks, despite being created to help avoid them. Continue reading

AU, China unite to tackle cybercrime

30 May

The African Union (AU) has announced its intention work with China to define a collaboration framework on cyberspace. Continue reading

Land registry based on blockchain for Africa

24 May

A not-for-profit organisation Bitland is introducing a digital registry system based on blockchain – the technology which drives the digital currency Bitcoin – to ensure proper land registration and property in parts of Africa. Continue reading

ITU’s 151st anniversary moves Africa

19 May

On 17 May 2016 the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) celebrated its 151st anniversary and has chosen ‘ICT entrepreneurship for social impact’ as its theme for the year. Activity in key regions across Africa suggests the continent intends to be a part of the global technology movement. Continue reading

Sub-Saharan Africa most fertile for Bitcoin adoption

18 May

A forecast by a London School of Economics author has positioned Nigeria and Zimbabwe among top 10 countries with the highest relative potential for Bitcoin adoption. Continue reading

Zimbabwe’s Cash Crisis Is Bitcoin’s Boost?

17 May

A recent survey by The Zimbabwe Standard has shown that a number of banks in the central business district of the country’s capital, Harare, has long queues to withdraw cash with others running out of cash by midday. Continue reading

Bitcoin in Africa Could Leapfrog Just Like Cellular Phones Replaced Landline

14 May

Werner van Rooyen, head of Business Development and Growth at Bitx, one of Africa’s biggest Bitcoin exchanges, on the problems and potential of Bitcoin in Africa. Continue reading

Blockchain Revolution: 3 African Startups to Watch in 2016

13 May

African blockchain-related startups will pitch new products at SWIFT African Regional Conference in Mauritius on May 18. Three African companies were selected by over one hundred judges from across the financial, technology, and investment communities. The total of 89 applications has been evaluated for the second edition of the Startup Challenge. Continue reading

Ghana: First Comes Internet Security, Then Bitcoin

11 May

Ghana seeks to secure transactions on the Internet first and only then start a discussion on Bitcoin adoption. Continue reading

MTN Ghana looks to Ericsson to deploy 4G LTE

10 May

Following a $68 million bid win for a 4G LTE 800MHz license through the NCA in December, Ericsson says it has been selected by MTN Ghana for the deployment of a new LTE network next month. Continue reading

Australia Moves to Remove ‘Double Taxation’ on Digital Currency

9 May

For a month starting May 3, The Treasury of the Australian government will be accepting submissions from interested parties to comment on a newly-released discussion paper entitled ‘GST treatment of digital currency’ as part of the 2016-17 Budget.

Continue reading

Bitcoin Adoption in Africa Up Due to Trading, Remittances, Freelancing, Mining Remains Low

7 May

Bitcoin users in parts of Africa have an almost non-existent mining practice yet the virtual currency’s level of adoption is driving more Africans to its trade. Aside from a Ghanaian firm, Ghana Dot Com (GDC), which claimed it has launched the first Bitcoin mining facility in Africa in March, most mining efforts in parts of Africa are usually done on an individual basis or crowd mining with little or no chance of profitability. This is due to several factors. Continue reading

African startups ideally positioned to go global

5 May

With the current pace of technological development, African startups are being prepped to be competitive and successful at any stage in the next few years, industry insiders say. Continue reading

British Commonwealth Adopts Blockchain to Fight Cross-Border Crime

4 May

The British Commonwealth announced on 3rd May that there is a project to develop a Blockchain app to combat cross-border crime.  A secure messaging system will be created to help law enforcement and prosecutors in member countries to co-operate more effectively in criminal investigations. Continue reading

Bitcoin in India, Nigeria, Kenya to Spur Global ATM Market

1 May

The growing need for automated teller machines including Bitcoin ATMs in developing nations such as Nigeria, India, and Kenya is propelling the growth of the global ATM market, says Technavio’s latest global ATM market report.

Continue reading

Ghana’s Anti-Money Laundering Body Cites Virtual Currency Use as National Security Risk

30 Apr

Ghana’s Financial Intelligence Centre says the use of virtual markets and virtual currencies such as bitcoin and kitiwa is a severe risk to the country’s security. The assessment is based on available international records that show insurgencies have been funded from Ghana. Saddled with combating money laundering and terrorist financing, the centre is now working to make Ghana the first country in West Africa to publish its national risk assessment. Continue reading

From Remittance to Startups, How Bitcoin Is Used in Africa

30 Apr

With the high mobile phone penetration already in place, Africa is set to enable more users to download a Bitcoin wallet on their devices. In an email last year, Werner van Rooyen from Bitx, one of Africa’s biggest Bitcoin exchange firms, wrote that Africa has been waiting for something like Bitcoin for a long time.

Why? He said the continent of over a billion people has been underserved by financial institutions for such a long time. Continue reading

Settle .africa domain name struggle the African way – AfICTA chair

26 Apr

Following a recent injunction by a US court to put the .africa domain on hold while a lawsuit proceeds, the chair of the Africa Information and Communication Technologies Alliance (AfICTA), a private sector-led alliance of ICT associations, multi-national corporations, companies, organisations and individuals in Africa, has expressed his support for an out-of-court settlement as an option to resolve the lingering matter.

Continue reading

Africa urges support for improved regulation of e-commerce

25 Apr

Africa supports the need for a global framework to protect privacy and foster international trade through e-commerce, particularly in developing countries as the online form of trade grows, says ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) Commission rep at the UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) e-commerce week held this month in Geneva. Continue reading

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