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Cryptocurrencies: Mingle for Mutual Benefits

3 Aug

No one knows it all when it comes to cryptocurrencies and, to a larger extent, digital technology as a field to be explored. Hence, it is always a good idea to mingle with others to share in and learn from their discourses. Otherwise, it could have been easier to muzzle others’ initiatives and new ideas wouldn’t have flowed freely. Continue reading

Kenyans, Nigerians face-off on Twitter

12 Sep

A Twitter hashtag that reportedly sprang up following the first visit of Facebook‘s founder to Africa could have implications for the control of social media in regions across Africa. Continue reading

Is Facebook losing its grip on Africa?

8 Sep

Mark Zuckerberg‘s visit to Africa may boost Facebook‘s drive on the continent in the face of heightened criticism from users and competition from new decentralised platforms in other parts of the world. Continue reading

The downside to blockchain and bitcoin uptake in Africa

7 Sep

Some business leaders in Africa have reservations about the strength of blockchain technology as a means through which to increase the continent’s internet penetration. Continue reading

Startup pitches Bitcoin as solution to Zim economic hardship

8 Aug

“Keeping it real, most African economies are still controlled by neocolonialism,” he says. “The West has more to say about African financial markets than the finance ministers of these African countries. World Bank, IMF along with large multinationals don’t fund serious research and development in Africa. So innovations like Bitcoin aren’t a priority to these powerful African influencers. It’s gonna take the local indigenous business persons and farmers to see the value of Bitcoin and overthrow the legacy of the oppressive colonial financial system in Africa.” Continue reading

Orange completes acquisition of mobile operator Airtel in Sierra Leone

19 Jul

Orange announces today that, together with its Senegal-based partner Sonatel, it has completed the acquisition of 100% of the mobile operator Airtel in Sierra Leone. Since the signature of an agreement with Bharti Airtel International (Netherlands) BV (“Airtel”) in January 2016, Orange has obtained all the official approbations necessary to complete this transaction. Continue reading

UN HRC: States commit to protect civil society space

4 Jul

A crucial resolution gives practical guidance to states on how to ensure civil society space based on their existing commitments under international human rights law has been adopted at the UN Human Rights Council (HRC). Though 244 organisations from around the world jointly expressed their support for the international human rights standards which has over 60 cosponsoring States, some of the countries that voted against civil society are Congo, Nigeria, and South Africa according to Article 19. Continue reading

Africa urged to smarten up on big data

28 Jun

Africa‘s use of big data will yield more benefit if the continent focuses on smart data to address complex situations. Continue reading

e-Passport for Africa a reality

27 Jun

Africa has the technical capacity to deliver on an AU (African Union) initiative to drive the development and adoption of a common African passport. Continue reading

South African to head Bitcoin’s global body

21 Jun

Cape-based venture capitalist Llew Claasen, a managing partner at Newtown Partners, has been named as the new Executive Director of the Bitcoin Foundation. The move could boost the level of adoption of the cryptocurrency in Africa, say industry insiders. Continue reading

Mauritius first in Africa to sign Convention 108

20 Jun

In a move that could lead to a widespread adoption of a global initiative in Africa, Mauritius has ratified the Convention for the protection of individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data, also known as “Convention 108“. Continue reading

Africa’s ICT capacity builders heading to Kenya

13 Jun

Kenya will host the Global ICT Capacity Building Symposium (CBS-2016) after it formalised arrangements with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU)International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in an agreement signed by ITU Secretary-General Houlin Zhao and the Director-General of the Communications Authority of Kenya, Francis Wangusi. Continue reading

Land registry based on blockchain for Africa

24 May

A not-for-profit organisation Bitland is introducing a digital registry system based on blockchain – the technology which drives the digital currency Bitcoin – to ensure proper land registration and property in parts of Africa. Continue reading

ITU’s 151st anniversary moves Africa

19 May

On 17 May 2016 the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) celebrated its 151st anniversary and has chosen ‘ICT entrepreneurship for social impact’ as its theme for the year. Activity in key regions across Africa suggests the continent intends to be a part of the global technology movement. Continue reading

Bitcoin in Africa Could Leapfrog Just Like Cellular Phones Replaced Landline

14 May

Werner van Rooyen, head of Business Development and Growth at Bitx, one of Africa’s biggest Bitcoin exchanges, on the problems and potential of Bitcoin in Africa. Continue reading

Blockchain Revolution: 3 African Startups to Watch in 2016

13 May

African blockchain-related startups will pitch new products at SWIFT African Regional Conference in Mauritius on May 18. Three African companies were selected by over one hundred judges from across the financial, technology, and investment communities. The total of 89 applications has been evaluated for the second edition of the Startup Challenge. Continue reading

Bitcoin Adoption in Africa Up Due to Trading, Remittances, Freelancing, Mining Remains Low

7 May

Bitcoin users in parts of Africa have an almost non-existent mining practice yet the virtual currency’s level of adoption is driving more Africans to its trade. Aside from a Ghanaian firm, Ghana Dot Com (GDC), which claimed it has launched the first Bitcoin mining facility in Africa in March, most mining efforts in parts of Africa are usually done on an individual basis or crowd mining with little or no chance of profitability. This is due to several factors. Continue reading

African startups ideally positioned to go global

5 May

With the current pace of technological development, African startups are being prepped to be competitive and successful at any stage in the next few years, industry insiders say. Continue reading

From Remittance to Startups, How Bitcoin Is Used in Africa

30 Apr

With the high mobile phone penetration already in place, Africa is set to enable more users to download a Bitcoin wallet on their devices. In an email last year, Werner van Rooyen from Bitx, one of Africa’s biggest Bitcoin exchange firms, wrote that Africa has been waiting for something like Bitcoin for a long time.

Why? He said the continent of over a billion people has been underserved by financial institutions for such a long time. Continue reading

Settle .africa domain name struggle the African way – AfICTA chair

26 Apr

Following a recent injunction by a US court to put the .africa domain on hold while a lawsuit proceeds, the chair of the Africa Information and Communication Technologies Alliance (AfICTA), a private sector-led alliance of ICT associations, multi-national corporations, companies, organisations and individuals in Africa, has expressed his support for an out-of-court settlement as an option to resolve the lingering matter.

Continue reading

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