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The brutality of the Ebola virus: a harrowing account by survivors

15 Jan

Sheriff Mahmud Ismail – The Ebola virus disease is a very painful ailment. It usually starts with headache, as the patient’s condition deteriorates; the pain spreads through the body, muscle ache, fatigue and loss of appetite set in.  Stooling and vomiting then follows, causing hunger and dehydration. Weakened by pain, starvation and thirst, the patient now becomes like a punch bag to the virus- helpless! As the wicked disease continues to mercilessly inflict more agony, bleeding and bloody diarrhea herald the ghastly terminal manifestations of a battered immunity. No wonder the high mortality associated with the Ebola virus. Continue reading

Former British High Commissioner, Peter Penfold, writes on Ebola in Sierra Leone

15 Jan

penfoldI have now been here two weeks. During my last visit in April the first cases of ebola had appeared. Deaths had been reported in Sierra Leone and before that in the neighboring countries of Guinea and Liberia. Only MSF (Medicins Sans Frontieres) were warning of the seriousness of the outbreak but at the time no one was heeding the warnings, neither the local governments nor the international community. Since then the ebola virus has ravaged this part of West Africa. Continue reading

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