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West Africa: Ebola now, integration later (1)

3 Nov

A friend posted on Facebook several days ago that now is not the best time to travel to the US with a Sierra Leonean passport. My comment came quickly, I wouldn’t agree less. But I think he’d gone a bit far. Why not think closer to home? Let me share an emotional but interesting story with you, as I experienced a 3-hour journey turned into a 12-day trip across six countries. Thanks to the Ebola disease outbreak. Continue reading

Ebola, ECOWAS, and flight bans

2 Nov

Still on the Ebola Virus Disease, a friend in Freetown got his ‪visa‬ mid August to undertake short media training in the ‪US‬. He was shocked when the airline asked him to pay how much? $4,400 for a return trip ticket between Freetown and Miami. Continue reading

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